Why are rides that are off track, on a different road, being credited as completing a segment I created?

I created a segment about two years ago. I had previously created the segment in Map My Ride, and know that one road in my segment isn't very popular with riders. My segment goes off a popular riding road, onto a short section of a twisty, narrow, back road, that adds some additional distance. I noticed that a lot of riders seemed to be riding the segment I created, so I decided to test the accuracy of Garmin's GPS tracking. Today, I rode most of my segment, but stayed on the popular riding road, instead of diverging off of it, therefore going off course on the segment, and riding a shorter distance. When I looked at my ride data later, I noticed that Garmin credited me with completing the segment, even though I went off course, and rode a shorter, and faster route. In Garmin Connect, comparing the segment map, with the map of the actual route I rode shows that the two don't match. It seems to me that there is some accuracy error with Garmin's segment tracking, and riders are getting credits for a segment they're not really riding, while taking a shorter, faster route.

So my question is to Garmin... how can this tracking accuracy error be corrected?