Edge 130 Version 3.80 notes and comments

The software change notes are more extensive for 3.80 than indicated in the  post.  Notably, includes some attention to battery life.  I'm suggesting this thread as feedback on 3.80 so we can bring attention to any additional fixes needed for Garmin.  I've just installed 3.80, but not yet ridden.  (Recovering from injury.)

  • I am not so sure that all of these changes are only being implemented now, I rather think this is a sort of cumulative changelog for a couple of updates. For example, the manual calibration feature has been there for a while now.

    Having said that, I am still glad that there still is some kind of an attention to the Edge 130, which is a good thing. This device is exactly what a recreational cyclist like me needs. 

  • Yeah, , after reading through this again yesterday, I was thinking the same thing.  Backlight options is another one that's been there for a while too.  So, I guess my posting of the screen grabs didn't have much value, but hopefully we can capture any issues in this thread.  I too have been pretty happy with my 130 after accepting the need for an external battery pack in the winter.

    I suspect Garmin wants to be done fooling around with the software for this model, so the sooner we post any issues, the better.  Hopefully it's every bit as good as 3.70 was but just with the elevation graph fixed.  Hopefully no issues to post!

  • Elevation graph is still funky at first.  On two different rides, after riding for some time, went to elevation graph and all blank as before.  I left on that screen and checked a while later and it was then working fine.  It seems that once it starts working, it continues, but it has taken several minutes to resolve each time.  I read a suggestion in the 130 Plus forum that starting the ride whilst on the elevation graph can help.  I'll try that next time.

    Both of these rides were without following courses.

  •  "Fixed an issue where the elevation graph could show no data in specific circumstances"

    Well, on today's ride, (mtb, not following a course, speed sensor and remote connected), elevation graph never worked.  I didn't check until mile 11 of 15, but left it on that screen for most of the last 4 miles and it never worked.  So there are still specific circumstances that the elevation graph doesn't work.

    Also still being reminded constantly of what buttons to push.  Aggravating; now I have even more buttons to push to make the unnecessary screen-tips disappear...  please give an option to turn that off!

  • I have some time now, so I want to make a live video of what the software looks like for a 2-year-old hardware. Nobody will refer to the post, but the video will be seen by many users. Any error will be shown. I have about 10 bugs overall; - post-ride sync errors (sync error on phone and red exclamation mark) - errors with synchronization of some segments - the route is loaded only from the computer and the uploading via bluetooth does not work - device restarts at random times - the problem with height discussed here - Bontrager ION lights off / on randomly, sometimes one turns off, sometimes two, sometimes none. - problems with the battery at low temperatures. e.t.c. Do you think it makes sense to do this? I have two devices so two can't be broken. And two have the same errors. Latest phone and Garmin software. It will cost you some work, is it worth it?

  • I guess I'm pretty lucky, 1-1/2 year old device, with only the elevation graph issue and cold weather battery woes (which I solved with an external lipstick battery, I ride all winter on one charge of that).

    I do occasionally get the red exclamation mark warning of "no-sync".  In those cases if you press the red mark you are given the opportunity to sync again.  It sometimes takes several retries, and it's always when I first fire up the device, end of ride is fine.

    I would make sure it is synced at the beginning of the ride by trying to press the red exclamation mark and resyncing.  I always open the app first and have it on screen, then start the 130.  Also, I have found it doesn't want to sync when there isn't a good cell data signal or wifi, even though it is a Bluetooth sync.  The app seems to need a web connection for the magic to happen.  My rides always upload automatically, as long as I have a good data connection.

  • Elevation graph seems just like it was with FW 3.70... It consistently works when following a course, but rarely works when just recording, but not following a course.  Essentially, no improvement from 3.70.  I tried starting the recording while on the elevation graph page as one user suggested, it did not help.  No joy.

  • As a techie-geek I suppose there’s some expectation that I’ll be most impressed with the higher end gear. The stuff that has all the bells and whistles, and usually costs more.  But here’s the funny thing – out of the pile of Garmin new gear announcements today, I’m most impressed with the little Edge 130.  Not because it’s not powerful, it really is.  But because it’s the least expensive cycling head unit they announced today while having nearly as many features as units that would have cost almost double it just a year ago.

    Here, let’s run through the bulletized version.  Typically when I do these bulletized lists I’m comparing them to a previous generation in terms of ‘what’s new’. But in this case, there’s no previous generation to go off of for comparison. So, consider this a ‘greatest hits’ sorta list instead:

    – GPS + GLONASS and Galileo satellites (the first Garmin Fitness/Cycling device to do so)
    – Barometric altimeter included
    – 15-hour claimed battery life (Note: I get 8-9hrs with sensors, but 17hrs w/o sensors)
    – 1.8” monochrome display (basically smaller device than Edge 500 was), but similar screen size)
    – Connects to ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart sensors (power/speed/cadence/HR/and more)
    – Up to 8 data fields per screen, five customizable screens, plus stock map/compass/elevation/segment screens
    – Strava Live Segments support
    – Works with Garmin Connect IQ Data fields (but not Garmin Connect IQ full apps/widgets)
    – Has course support for navigation/routing (but not maps or turn by turn re-routing support)
    – Supports Garmin’s new GCM course creator with specification of road type after ride
    – Smartphone connectivity for text messages and call notification
    – Support for Garmin Varia Radar and all ANT+ lights (Cycliq, Garmin, Bontrager, See.Sense)
    – LiveTrack support for live tracking (uses your phone’s internet connection)
    – Adds Garmin’s new ‘Safety Assistance’ feature, which sends emergency location to friends/family in event you run out of candy
    – The thing weighs 32g (half of the Edge 520 at 61g).

    With the smaller size and reduced buttons comes a slightly different user experience than the higher end Edge units Garmin makes. The good news is that it’s still silly omegleshagle easy to navigate through everything and find all the features – of which there are a ton as noted above.

    By default, when you power it on you’ll be sitting on the home screen as seen above.  At this point you can simply hit the bottom right button and get right into a ride. That’ll trigger searching for satellites.  There’s essentially three sets of buttons: One on the left for power on, two on the bottom for lap and start/stop/enter, and two on the side for up/down.