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New Edge 130 Public Beta 3.72 Now Available

A new Beta software for the Edge 130 has been released. Full change log, instructions, and software for installing the beta can be found in the links below. 

  • For any issues that you encounter please fill out the form included in the download and attach it to an email to [email protected] Please note that you may not get a response to the email unless we need more information on the issue you report.
  • In the process of troubleshooting reported issues we may access information in your Garmin Connect account, such as your activity files. More information about Garmin's privacy policies can be found at:
  • Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.

Changes made from version 3.70 to 3.72:

  • Fixed an issue where the elevation graph could show no data in specific circumstances
  • Oof... I'm curious, but not inclined to be an "early adopter"!  My Edge 130 has been very stable on 3.70, I'd really hate to lose that.  Anyone braver than me trying this Beta 3.72?  

    I have a ride tomorrow, I think I'll leave the elevation graph on for more of the ride to see how it is doing on 3.70.  I don't usually leave the elevation graph up for long.

  • Ok, elevation graph has been working with routes created with Garmin Connect, but I rode familiar mtb trails today without navigation, and elevation graph never worked (still using 3.70).  I'm glad they haven't forgotten the 130!

  • Ok, nothing but crickets here, so I stepped up.  I just downloaded and installed the Beta 3.72, but I might not be able to ride and test it out until the end of the week.  Maybe someone else could jump in on this.  Downloading the Beta was easy, just click on the link above and follow the instructions.

    If we want Garmin to leave us with a good software version before they forget about this device, we should probably help them with the Beta testing.

  • Ok, I had my first mtb ride yesterday with 3.72.  Same location and circumstances as my last post; familiar trails, no navigation, same speed sensor and remote; now elevation graph worked flawlessly for the entire 3 hour ride.  I left it on my screen long term and went to other pages occasionally, but primarily left it on the elevation graph.  No hiccups, worked perfectly.

    Maybe someone else could download and give Garmin more than one tester...  Last chance to get a good final update for the 130!

  • For version 3.70 the altitude profile was not displayed while driving below 15 km of the route, nor is it possible to display the altitude profile below 15 km of route for version 3.72