Edge 130 with pedel-based power meters

Hi folks,

I'm curious if anyone is running their Edge 130 with pedal-based power meters?  I have never used a power meter before, but after getting an indoor trainer for Xmas I'm now seeing the benefit to having that information and am considering picking up a pair of Favero Assioma pedals (the Duo).  I realize I won't get all the bells and whistles supported in some of the higher-level Edge products, but I was curious to know what I will get with my Edge 130.  Just the combined power output logged on my ride, or will there potentially be more?

I'll probably break down and buy a higher end Edge product, but Garmin has been a bit of a disappointment for me and before I plunk down any more cash with them I'd like to understand better what I will have when it warms up and I get outside again.