The two best data fields available for 130; "Temperature" and "My EDGE"...

Another thread mentioned the missing temperature data field from the Edge 130, so I'm starting a new topic.  The 130 does indeed measure temperature (5 minute intervals, I believe), but only reports post ride on Garmin Connect. 

The 130 can have up to two user configurable data fields which are downloadable from the Connect IQ app.  Anxious to see what else my 130 could do, I looked through most of what was available, and the only two data fields that I found that were both useful, and worked great are:

  • "Temperature by mwimmer"  This app adds a simple temperature data field to any screen.  At first you might think it's not working as for Fahrenheit units it defaults to 32* on startup.  Just wait, within 5 minutes it generally displays the actual temperature.  Has worked flawlessly and is just nice to be able to display something my 130 is measuring anyway.
  • "My EDGE by Stanislav.Bures"  This app is just real cool eye candy!  Adds an entire dedicated screen with an analog speedometer and a bunch of other pertinent info.  There is so much on the screen that you need good eyes for some of the small stuff, but still all is easily read if I'm not bumping along a trail in the woods.  Under the analog speedometer is elapsed time, mostly useful as it shows you haven't accidentally stopped recording since you see it ticking along.  At the top of the screen, current time, sunset, battery level.  Just a really nice screen with lots of info.  Works perfect, no glitches, doesn't seem to eat battery life or anything.  The app also has some user configurable settings, like analog speedometer scale.

I would really like a data field that shows battery Volts.  The 5 bars shown for battery life is always a bit suspect.  But, if someone came up with that, I'd have to delete one of the two above, and I'm not willing to do that.  "Temperature" and "My EDGE" are just that nice to have.

  • I'd also noticed the Temperature app.
    But I read:
     "potentially affecting battery life"
    This could be an issue on the 130...

    And I noticed the 130 is reading about 3C more than a real thermometer.

  • Yeah, I took the battery life statement as a standard disclaimer.  The 130 is already measuring temp at the same intervals anyway.  All this app is doing is reporting the digits on the screen that are already waiting in the unit.  No new sensors, no communication, no extra measurements, so I doubt it has much effect on the battery.  As for accuracy, I've never measured mine against a real accurate thermometer, but the reading seems to ring true to what is reported by the forecast and what I'm feeling.

  • I noticed the temperature is 3 to 4 degrees C too high when I'm riding in sunny weather conditions. The sun warms up the case. In wintertime in the dark during cummutes it reads only 1 degree too high...