Edge 130 battery life sucks

Is there any official response from Garmin on the obviously rampant problem of poor battery life of the Edge 130? 

  • Yes. Night riding 2.5hrs. Edge 130 battery did not last more than 2hrs with back light, and HR belt connected. The unit was checked at Garmin Greece and was found to be OK. I managed to return the unit to the store I bought it from and got the Edge 520plus without any issues. 

  • Thought I'd throw my two penn'orth into the discussion re: battery life.  I had an Edge 200  for about 4 years and had no issues with battery life whatsoever during the majority of the time I had it.  12 hours was the longest ride I completed and it still wasn't fully depleted.  Eventually it wasn't holding its charge as long (still okay though) but I decided it's 4 years old so time to get another Garmin.  The Edge 200 wasn't sold any more so went for the Edge 130.  It had various features I'd probably never use but was the cheapest Garmin available (as was the Edge 200 when I bought it).

    As others have mentioned the battery life is terrible and nothing like the claimed figures.  I only use it with GPS so no phone connection and all other 'battery saving' fixes mentioned have been implemented.  Today's ride (cold 0 C) was 4.5 hours and with a fully charged unit the first battery bar disappeared after 8 minutes!! Are they saying it's used 20% after 8 minutes on a fully charged year old Garmin.  Second bar went after 1 hour.  Third bar lasted until 2.5 hours.  Fourth bar disappeared on 3.5 hours and fifth bar went on 4 hours.  Arrived back on 4.5 hours not knowing when it was about to run out.  The Edge 200 had a percentage figure for battery life and shut display with a warning when close to running out but still had around 30-60 minutes left.  The battery bars on the Edge 130 don't appear or disappear even in any recognised pattern.  After using the Edge 200 without issue for most of the time I used it I'm really disappointed with the Edge 130 battery life.

    I'm not sure if anyone has any further tips on extending the battery time?  I paid almost double for the Edge 130 compared to the Edge 200 and have about half the battery life after only a years use.  Would seriously consider not getting a Garmin next time based on this experience.


  • I juste swap my edge 130 with 370 mah aliexpress battery,, huge upgrade for 2.5€ shipped !!!