Edge 130 backlight by schedule

I have EDGE 130 with 3.20 firmware and have only ONE serious complain!  Turning backlight by schedule is that simple. I know that the device does not have a light sensor but come on, it is simple function (Edge 130 have connect IQ apps but not simple schedule backlight). Don't know who are working at Garmin but this looks stupid to me such leading company with top level products and without small easy function adjust... I am starting my ride when the sun is up and display is super clear without backlight but when I am turning back home I always need to go to the menu search stupid backlight switch! (annoying) Come on Garmin developers, prove that you are making user friendly products!!! Another thing that I thought Garmin devices had before buying is Data field tuning in smartphone app but in 2019 it is absent, shame. I am not complaining about data fields, to be honest you won't adjust these every day. Overall the device is pretty good unless functions described above.