Edge 130 Cold Weather Performance

Today’s ride was cold - around 11 F (-12 C). My Edge 130 worked fine for the first 30 minutes and then started automatically shutting down. I could restart it (once I noticed it had shut down), and when it restarted it knew I was still in the middle of a ride, but no data was saved between shutting down and restarting. Once restarted it would collect data for a minute or so before shutting down again. After futzing with it a number of times I gave up and resorted to the Strava app on my phone which worked fine (phone was in my inside coat pocket).

Garmin’s specs list the temp range of the 130 to be -4F to 140F (https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/edge130/EN-US/GUID-19267AC7-DD98-4F6A-9761-AF88319B338F.html), so I would expect it to work normally at the temp of today’s ride. I suppose I could ride with it in my pocket to stay warm, but that shouldn’t be necessary given Garmin’s temp specs.

Has as anyone experienced anything similar on your device? Is there anything I can do to avoid this happening again?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • Anybody who has fixed one and has a spare big battery around, want to fix mine?  Ok if it blows up/you break it, the batt life is so low and I don't have all the gizmos (soldering iron, etc).  Happy to chip in for there and back again along with bounty money.  paypal/crypto/cash w/ unit are all ok with me

  • The issue for me seems to be the battery can't provide power when cold, rather than the battery losing all of it's charge. Today I was riding at just above freezing,  The device shut down after less than 2 hours (no sensors, not connected to phone). When I got home I turned it on straight into the service menu.  It was on 1% battery but this quickly increased even though it wasn't charging. After about 10-15 mins the battery was back up to 52% and the temp was 20 degrees Celsius.  So the battery still had half of it's charge left when it shut down.  I reckon if the device could be kept warmer the battery would last longer. My phone (in a fleece jacket pocket) was still on 92% at the end of the ride and my Vivoactive watch only lost a few percent even though I used it to track the last 10 miles of my ride.  I do have a silicone skin but that doesn't seem to provide much insulation.  I guess the device doesn't generate much heat and the battery just gets really cold, or the sensor that measures the charge is not working well in the cold?  So I can't see that replacing the battery will make a difference, unless some batteries are better in the cold.