Long auto pause weirdness

Went on a ride last night and paused for around an hour for dinner with some friends. Left my bike against the table where we ate / chilled outside, left it in auto-pause so I could capture the rest of my ride home.

Even though the ride was clearly paused, the radar sensor (Varia 515) kept flashing as if I was riding and the 1040 kept beeping as people walked by thinking they were approaching cars / objects.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I was under the impression that a paused ride would also pause the sensors. It was a bit annoying having the red lights flashing and the unit beeping every 10 seconds.

Even stranger, when I went to resume the ride, I was stuck in a weird graph screen, even though the ride was still recording. I left it there and was able to end the ride blindly (knowing which button and screen area to press).

Curious if there's a setting I've missed.