Garmine Edge 1030 changes from resistance to grade during ride

I have a Wahoo kicker indoor trainer. My Garmin Edge suddenly and frequently will change from resistance on the trainer to grade. I prefer resistance and workout with it on, but in the middle of the ride it will just change to grade instead. 

If this an issue with my Edge? Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks,

  • Open a ticket with Garmin Support 

  • I did the same. This week Garmin asked to ship unit to the lab… next week I suppose to have feedback.

    Keep pushing them to fix it all.


  • There is hope for you, guys. I just for new unit. Refurbished, but still.

    Just keep pushing.

  • Honestly, I don't think this is a hardware issue. Seems to be software related.

  • They sent me this information:

    Thank you for contacting Garmin Poland.

    Please send links to activities without errors on Edge and Fenix, and links to activities where the activity is valid on Fenix and interrupts on Edge.

    Garmin Connect Activity Sharing

    We also need Garmin folders from both devices:

    Send the Garmin folder from the device and ANT logs from Edge 1030:

    Edge 820/830/1000/1030/1030 Plus/Explore 820/Explore 1000
    1) Start an activity on your Edge
    2) Tap the screen. This will open an overlay page
    3) Press and hold the right arrow at the bottom of the overlay page for 5 seconds
    4) Select Diagnostics > ANT Logging > ANT RX TX
    5) Start another activity with the same sensors and phone connected
    6) Save the activity when you are done
    NOTE: The ANT log will be contained in the Garmin > Debugging folder

    After you have saved the ride, please reply with the attached Garmin folder from your Edge. We can assure you that we will look at this, but since Elite is a third party, we may face limitations in what we can do. If you have more questions, please let me know, alternatively look for a solution on our website:

    Of course, the problem concerns not only the Elite trainers, but also other trainers, e.g. Wahoo.

    Unfortunately, I am currently seriously injured and unable to physically test and send data to them. If you can, do it!