Plotted route does not display additional roads

I've had this issue for some time now, there have been various firmware updates and I have reset my 1030 but I cannot resolve this issue, which unfortunately isn't too easy to explain.

I create a route usually using rRde with GPS ( which I can import via the ride with GPS widget installed on my device without issue.

The issue is when I am riding the display will show the road/route I am cycling on but not any junctions or side roads, this causes many issues as I could be approaching a right hand turn (on the screen), but there are 2 right hand turns ahead on the road, because the display isn't showing any roads other than the plotted route sometimes I can miss the correct turn and then have to turnaround and take the next turn if that makes sense.

There must be a setting where I can actually see all roads and my plotted route so I can ensure I take the correct turn?

Any ideas?

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