Sharing file between devices (WORKAROUND)

The sharing of files such as routes between devices remains COMPLETELY BROKEN.  I have on several instances tried to share a route from one Edge 1030 to another and it always fails. First, usually the receiving device never sees the sending device. If it does, it takes 30-60 seconds to find the other device. Then more often than not, it sees the device but never sees the files which are being shared. Quite often, as it is connecting, it gets a "Connection Failed" message.

I have tried multiple devices, 1030 -> 1030,  1030 -> 830.  All devices have the latest firmware and some even the latest beta 9.48 (for the 1030) and 5.10 for the 830.

On a hunch, I turned off both cell phones which were BT connected to each device and then re-attempted the device transfer and it worked. The discovery of the device was faster and the file transfer worked. Once, it got a "Connection Failed" message.  

Bottom line is that you have a conflict with BT when trying to perform the file transfer if the device has an active BT connection to a cell phone.   I have reported this to the BETA mail address.

SO, if you are trying to transfer files from one device to another, TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES TEMPORARILY to transfer the files.

Update:  Both the sender and receiver phones must not be BT connected for the transfer to work...