Edge 1030 - screen non-responsive for a period after starting whilst wearing gloves

My Edge 1030 will not respond to screen swipes "for a initial period" whilst wearing gloves. It is OK with bare hands. Just occasionally (with lots of random 'prodding & gestures!) I can get the 'status' screen (the one that appears if swiping down from the top) to display, but I can never scroll left/right between data screens. The weird part is that the problem clears up after a period. I have not been able to deduce how long this period of non-responsiveness is, it's at least half an hour. Usually I forget about it (or take my gloves off so I can get to the screen I want displayed), get into the ride & then sometime late realise that it's working again! (with my gloves on). I have tried adjusting the 'sensitivity' in the ride profile settings - this makes no difference. 

I do have a screen protector fitted, I'm reluctant to remove this, even as a test measure as I'd have to buy a replacement. The key to me seems to be that the device is initially unresponsive, and then sorts itself out sometime later, meaning it's not the screen protector.

Glad of your thoughts on this.