Garmin Edge 1030 stops recording distance

Hi.  My Garmin Edge 1030 has now stopped recording distance for the 3rd time in 10 months.  Whilst this doesn't seem much, it means that I now have little confidence in the reliability of the device.  What would be the reasons for it to stop recording?  It seems to work ok to start with but then for some reason it 'fixes' on one particular spot (GPS fix maybe) and simply tells you how far you are from that point only.  This is OK if you are going in a straight line away from that point, but no good if the route you have is a loop.  All solutions welcome.  I've had it 10 months, so if it needs to be returned I'll need to know soon.

  • I have experienced this behavior with a speed sensor failure on a magnet style GSC-10 speed/cadence sensor. The ANT+ connection was fine, but the sensor would no longer react to the magnet. I ultimately had to replace the sensor in this case. The next time you have this problem, disable the speed sensor to see if distance and map start updating again.

    My experience shows that the GPS log in the activity file is still correct, but the total distance will need to be corrected.