Syncing Strava Live segments issue

Trying to sync my Strava Live segments on my Edge 1030 (v9.10) but not all get downloaded. Steps i tried to make it work:
- Strava segments is selected.
- 100 segments limitation is respected, although i starred 75 Strava segments, all of them show up in Connect but not all are transferred.
- Synced several times via PC USB2 port & smartphone's bluetooth (Win7/Express, Android 8/Connect are up to date).
- Manual deletion on PC of the "Segment" and "Segment_List" folders.
- "Reset & delete data" but only 25 were shown afterwards, weirdly the Splash screen was staying endlessly for hours, i had to hold the power button to get it out. Normal?
- Unstarred and restarred all the segments.
- OS 9.28b doesn't help.
- Synching activities to Strava does work.

Collateral effects:
- Device sometimes not recognised on PC, but since i also tried on BT i guess this is not the culprit.
- Several road cycling segments i have never starred get transferred, even in different set of segments, they often show up in the Sync status and get loaded, i only do mountain biking.
- Some segments got duplicated with a different name, example: i_segment, t_segment. I found out it's a duplicate by opening the file in Notepad and finding the segment number.
- "Device & Sync status" on Connect website yesterday, last sync had the date of "7th February 2020" although i've been trying to sync after. Now date shows "15th Feb. 2020".
- Since i bought my device new, it got problems, first one i only solved some months ago. See I had called Garmin and they had suggested to make a "Reset & Delete Data". At that time the reset behaviour i described here over was the same. Normal?

 or anyone, can you suggest/help, please?