Two Bluetooth connections - both with same name on iPhone 11 Pro

Hi. Last week I unboxed a new 1030 to upgrade from 1000, paired it to Garmin Connect on an iPhone 8, configured it, then connected to an iMac to update it.  All this seemed to go well.

yesterday, I upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro. The 1030 wouldn’t connect - no surprises there, so deleted the 1030 from GC, re-added the 1030 while re-pairing Bluetooth.  The iPhone 11 Pro wound up with two, identically named Bluetooth connections. The 1030 seems to work, but sometimes both connections are active (connected) and at other times only one of the connections is active   I know the older 1000 had both a BT and a BLE connection.  is that the case with the 1030 as well? Is this normal?


  • The BT labels in iOS changed in one of the versions of 8 from "Edge 1030" and "BLE_1030" to 2 as "Edge 1030"  Makes perfect sense.  One is the BT connection that the GCM app uses when you upload a competed ride, the other (used to be BLE) is how they push notifications and do LiveTrack, as far as I can tell.  In my experience, it's the 2nd (BLE) connection that gets flaky and on occasion won't connect, while the basic non-continual BT connection is established quickly and reliably.