Navigation verbal audio alerts with maps 2019.20.

After upgrading my maps on to the 2019.20 version there is a change I don't recall in the past. I have the 1030 connected to GCM on the phone. I have "Navigation Alerts' turned on in GCM. Now when I am approaching a turn onto a street with the word "road" in the name, and the map will show something like "Left on Oakview Rd", my phone audio will say "turn left on Oakview 'R','D'" ie ARE,DEE. It does not pronounce the word road, but just sounds out the letters. It didn't use to do this. Not sure if this is a problem with GCM, with the 2019.20 maps or what. Anyone else experience this. On other things like "Ave" it will say the word "avenue" so I know it works elsewhere.