Turn signal turns off headlight

My setup:

Two TL 300 set up as turn signals

One RTL500 for radar

One Bontrager Headlight and taillight  (RT Flare/Ion combo)

One Garmin HL500

(Let’s just say I ride at 3am, and I like to be seen.  When a Christmas Tree on fire is on the road, at least “I didn’t see him” isn’t in the list of excuses)

Garmin Edge 1030 v9.0
Taillights set up as Turn Signals
Rest of the lights set us as Individual in the Light Network

OK, here’s the issue(s):

When I use the turn signal, the Bontrager Headlight turns off.  I hold the button after the turn, and it turns back on again, connects to the network, then at the next turn, off.

Having not seen a “Turn off the non-Garmin headlights after a turn” feature, how do I configure the Bontrager headlight to not turn off after a signalled turn?