Edge 1030 Cannot connect to both RTL510 and UT800 at the same time?

I have had the RTL510 for some time with no problems, and just got the UT800 last night. When I attempt to connect both lights simultaneously to my Edge 1030, it says "Forming light network" and the radar disconnects.

The light network shows up under the Sensors menu, and I see 2 sensors, one called "Other" and another called "Headlight". Both sensors show a question mark (?) for battery status, and if I click into the sensor, the only options are "Enable" and "Remove". 

Every 30 seconds or so, the "Forming light network" dialog shows up on top of the screen for 5-10 seconds.

if I remove both sensors, and add just one of them back, that sensor shows up and stays connected, and the connected features work.

Without fail, if I then add the second sensor, both sensors go back into a disconnected stat with ? for the battery status, and the connected features stop working.

Are these two devices not compatible with one another? I was under the impression they are supposed to work together.

  • When I had trouble getting my RTL510 working, mostly because I was doing it wrong, I was impressed with Garmin's assistance. I'm sure a call to Garmin support will sort this out for you quickly.

    PS I bought the RTL510 not long ago, and it had a firmware update when I hooked it up to Garmin Express for the Mac. I would do that for the RTL510 and the UT800 first.