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    Seit ich die vivoactive 3 über die garmin connect app mit meinem handy (iphone se) verbunden habe wird in der apple heath app unter „Strecke (Gehen und Laufen) immer eine distanz angezeigt. für jede stunde werden 0,55km gerechnet, ohne aktivität…

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    Hallo Forum,

    laut Update-Beschreibung wurde die Unterstützung von Helath in der Garmin Connect-App integriert. Wie aber erfolgt nun der Austausch der Daten zwischen Connect und Health? Connect wird bei mir nicht als Quelle in Health angezeigt. In den…
  • RE: Feature Request: Sync steps from Apple Health

    Are you talking about GC to Apple Health or Apple Health to GC? You already have GC to Apple Health. Just select CG from "sources".
  • RE: Sync calories with apple watch activities

    Provided you have allowed GARMIN Connect to send data to Apple Health when you pair, the energy data is then sent to Apple Health. Since the data would then be in the Apple domain it would be reasonable to expect that the issue is with Apple.

  • Can I sync the weight from apple health ?

    I set the read and write permition in the apple health with garmin connect app,but the app can not sync the weight data from apple health.

  • RE: Garmin Connect Mobile 3.5 for iOS crashing

    Seems it is Apple Health integration that is the problem

    Ater pairing through the app, it was working fine for a while until I got the prompt from Apple Health. As soon as I enabled Apple Health for everything, it started crashing again. I went to Apple…
  • RE: Track blood pressure and weight from Withings to GC?

    Apple Health is not a fitness app but a central store for all your health related data in one place. You need other aps and/or devices to collect all that data. Exceptions are steps, distances run or cycled, flights climbed and similar. These will be…

  • RE: Health app not syncing correctly

    I am contacting you regarding the case 1288375.
    The information on the Apple Health app is seen as a result of a rounding up up process done by the Apple Health app. No incorrect information is sent from Garmin Connect to Apple Health.

    I have closed…
  • Can’t sync GC Heart Rate to Apple Health

    I enable all data writing from garmin connect to Apple health. But Heart rate cannot be synced to apple health, how to solve this?