My MARQ Expedition thinks it is "MARQ MARQ" / Golfer / Driver / Athlete

I own MARQ Expedition and MARQ Athlete the latter being my primary device.

At some point before the SW 10.10 update the Expedition started to think it is MARQ Golfer, for example the default watch face was from Golfer. Once or twice the device thought it was MARQ Athlete. I thought the next SW update would solve the problem, but it continued after the SW 10.10 At the same time I also started to have  problems with Garmin Hydration widget staying on always top and not being closing. After that I could not use Hydration App at the Expedition but I survived that by deleting the Hydration App via IQ Connect.

After the outtage the Expedition started to freeze on startup on "Loading maps" screen. I tried reinstalling the maps in Garmin Express (with the newest version on Windows 10) but that did not help. I have restored the factory defaults several times and reset everything from scratch using both Garmin Express and Garmin Connect. After full factory reset the watch might work some time and couple of shut downs. The "Loading maps" screen is also passed without problem.

I have done the reset procedure described in Garmin support site ( I have also done the reset through the menu settings (

While seeming to work fine at the latest the next day the device starts again showing on startup "MARQ MARQ" as a model and freezing on "Loading maps" screen. I have not used at any point any other maps than default maps provided with the watch and delivered through Garmin Express. Garmin Connect keeps recognizing the device as MARQ Driver.

I'm naturally getting quite fed up battling with the Expedition daily. Is there a way to properly restore factory defaults and get rid of this problem? At the moment the watch is not usable.

I'll provide more information if needed.