Marq Aviator won’t reconnect to iPhone

I am using a Marq Aviator and an iPhone 11 Pro Max both of them are running the latest firmware and my problem is when you get away from the phone and the Bluetooth disconnects it won’t reconnect automatically but instead you have to reset the watch and turn on/off the phone’s Bluetooth. I have reached out to Garmin and gave me a “solution” 

<<My recommendation is to forget the watch in the bluetooth menu list of device in iOS settings. Next open the Garmin Connect Mobile App and go to the MORE tab, then to Garmin Devices, then swipe where the Aviator is listed from right to left to reveal the Remove button and remove the watch from Connect Mobile. Then, perform a soft reset on your MARQ by pressing and holding the LIGHT/POWER button for up to 30 seconds until the screen on the watch goes blank. Now power the watch back on and go into the menu to the PHONE section and then select PAIR PHONE. On the Garmin Connect Mobile app in the Garmin Devices section, select Add Device and then complete the setup. The watch should not have any connection issues going forward. >>

But in doesn’t work it’s exactly like before does anyone know a solution? Thanks.

  • Are you running a beta of iOS?  It seems that the Garmin implementation of bluetooth connectivity with iOS is so fragile that just about every iOS beta update breaks it in some way.  You can often avoid having to turn the watch off/on by exiting the app on your phone (fully, by swiping-up), going to Airplane Mode, disabling Airplane Mode and re-opening the app.