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[BUG] Wrist optical HR will not switch off even if disabled in the settings (running 11.28).

I have a Garmin MARQ Adventurer (Gen 2) running 11.28 and the optical wrist HR will not switch off even if disabled in the settings (or if an external HR is connected - this is how I found the problem). With the OHR off in the settings the watch will stop showing HR on the display but the optical sensor green light will continue to be active.

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  • v13.22 software resolved the issue.

  • Same with me, but i thought its because of Garmin pay.


  • Thank you Chris!

    The (multiple) hard reset and toggling on/off for the sensor did not resolve the issue. Before I try with the "System Reset", is there a way to force reinstall the firmware as I am reluctant to go through all of the watch set-up procedure again :( 

  • I don't believe it's Garmin Pay. I have it set up on Tactix 7 and the HR sensor switches off (with external HR monitor connected during activity or if I toggle the switch in the settings or use the jacket mode ...).

  • I am sorry your issue continues. If my memory is still up to par, my past interactions with OHR LED lights stuck on for an outdoor watch, the issue usually resolves with the steps you have tried. There have been instances where the watch had to be warranty replaced and it was a failure of the hardware causing the lights to be stuck on all the time.

    In an effort to do everything possible to help you, I have sent you a Private Message to work with you further. Refer to the PM envelope on the top right corner when you are signed into our forums.

  • I have a similar situation, when the sensor is off, the pulse does not show, but the sensor continues to flash.

    How did you end up solving the problem?

    It seems to me or is it still a problem in the software?

  • Hi Kvu!

    Still waiting for the resolution from the Product Support in my region. Apparently the (new) replacement they had in stock is exhibiting the same inability for the OHR sensor to be switched off. Will report back when I'll get an answer.

    Can some of the other MARQ (Gen 2) owners please try to switch the OHR off in the settings and check if the sensor light goes off or continues to flash regardless of the toggle in the settings. Thanks!

  • Thanks, obviously this is a software problem, just not many paid attention.

  • I have this exact same issue with the same watch. I am about to try the hard reset to see if that fixes it.

  • I have this same issue and a hard reset did not fix this problem. You probably aren't receiving reports because not many users would have any reason to take notice of this.