Athlete Marq 2 Australia

Has anyone in Australia received a Marq 2 unit yet? I ordered almost straight after announcement through a distributor and still waiting. ETA has gone from November to December and if I look at the Garmin page it was 1-3 days all this week until tonight it says 5-8 weeks. I'm a huge Garmin fan and have dropped significant amounts on the latest and greatest across the years, but the inconsistent communication and distribution issues really let a great brand down.

  • I do not know what expectations your Australia distributor gave you when you ordered your MARQ (Gen 2) Athlete, but the pre-sale has been directly through our Garmin Official webpages. Your region has an official Garmin site and a warehouse we ship from too.

    What is different for this release compared to in the past, our MARQ (Gen 2) series is being sold directly through our official sites for the remainder of 2022. There may be unique circumstances for some regions depending on where you live.

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply. Perhaps I used the wrong term "distributor". I ordered through a retail jeweller who carries Garmin. I just didn't name them as that wouldn't be fair. They are still saying early December and have the same information up on their site. My point was that it's extremely confusing and seems, no disrespect intended, a poorly executed distribution. Considering I parted with a full $3200 over a month ago, if it's Q1.2023 I'll be extremely disappointed to say the least. 

  • There may be unique purchasing experiences in some regions that I am not able to access information about. I hope you receive your watch soon.

  • I picked one up at Gregory's Jewellers at Chatswood. Last Friday. I really wanted an Adventurer but they had none in stock. Actually very happy with the Athlete.