Marq2 Sailing Update: Captain obsolete?


With the system software update of 10.43 and the added feature of sailing activities added, I was wondering if - just functional wise - the Captain edition is now obsolete? Do we get sailing activities on all Fenix 7 / Epix 2 / Marq 2 / Enduro 2?


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  • Across our latest generation watches, we have added added the Sail, and Sail Race activities APPS. (IE: our F7/E2/M2/E2/T7/D2 series)

    Does it make the MARQ (Gen 2) Captain obsolete? Not at all.

    Both the quality of materials in the build and the band along with our Garmin Marine product compatibilities like Autopilot control and Fusion Link etc. will keep it relevant, selling well, and popular.

  • Hello Chris,

    Thank you for your answer.

    While I do agree with you that material/colouring is different (I love the blue bezel of the Captain edition!), I have a followup question on your mentioned product compatibilities: aren't Autopilot control, Fusion Link, etc. all software related? In the Connect IQ store both Autopilot and Fusion Link Apps are open for download for various watches.

    From a function comparison perspective of the MARQ Gen 2 watches: isn't it that the basis edition offers everything that the Captain does?
    The blue nylon quickfit band can be ordered in addition and pricewise the bundle is still less than the Captain edition?

  • In the Connect IQ store both Autopilot and Fusion Link Apps

    You make a good point. Both of the Connect IQ APPS are our own. Given your solid points, I will stick with the overall appearance and quality of materials. In all of my own personal interactions with MARQ owners, I only hear positive comments and the owners are happy with their choice made.

  • I agree with Garmin making all these apps available across all the variants of Fenix 7. Single firmware release means more features and fewer bugs at lower cost.