MARQ 2 Athlete - Default Watch Face Feedback

After 3 days of enjoyable ownership of my MARQ 2 Athlete, I just wanted to offer some thoughts specific to the 'signature' Athlete watch face:

As the range of VO2max markings on the bezel conveniently includes the range of normal HRV values, it would be good if there was an option to display a second marker for HRV average.

Personally, I preferred the more discrete triangle markers of the original MARQ for VO2max and recovery time. These aren't values that rapidly change, so there's no need to be able to check them at a very quick glance like the current long markers seem to be designed for (and unlike what some of the marketing material suggests, we're not all walking around desperately hoping that other people will see and be impressed by our VO2max stats). Triangle markers would also be consistent with the smaller dials on the left and right of the main face.