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System Software 10.43

Hello Marq 2 users,

We have our first update to this device series, with the low number of Marq 2 devices currently in use we are forgoing the normal rollout and we have fully released this software at 100%

Change Log

Added Jet Lag Advisor: this feature offers personalized insight to help you minimize the effects of jet lag and ease the transition to local time after travel.
Added new and improved sunrise/sunset widget (Adventurer Only).
Added a prompt to end Resume Later for an activity when user is near the start of their Sleep Window.
Added ability to select running or cycling VO2 Max on watch faces.
Added Anchor, Sail, and Sail Race activities.
Added golf scoring settings menu.
Added haptics to more places, including scrolling lists.
Added Morning Report: displays a morning report when you wake up that features the weather, your sleep summary, HRV status, and more.
Added nautical units options for Boat, Sail, and Sail Race activities.
Added QR code to Bluetooth pairing flow.
Added Reference Point as a hot key option.
Added support for Armenian characters.
Added support for heart rate chest strap in Yoga, Breathwork, and Health Snapshot.
Added System Settings app.
Added the Auto Rest/Pause setting to the Ultra Run activity, which automatically creates a rest interval or pauses the activity.
Added the Backcountry Snowboard activity to the list of available activities.
Added the Disc Golf activity to the list of available activities.
Added the Grade Adjusted Pace data field that displays your average pace adjusted by the steepness of the terrain.
Added the Next Fork data field that displays the distance to the next fork in the trail for the course you're following.
Added Tides glance.
Added Wrist-Based Running Power: adds running power data to activities without the need for a running dynamics accessory.
Fixed an issue that could potentially prevent appropriate VO2 Max updates.
Fixed issue causing sleep data to no longer show later in the day.
Fixed issue with altitude calibration.
Fixed issue with automatic step goals.
Fixed issue with Connect IQ Swim data fields.
Fixed issue with glance folders where calendar could show the incorrect time.
Fixed issue with Spotify music playback when shuffle is used.
Fixed issue with track points when using Ultratrac mode.
Fixed potential issue in Daily Suggested Workouts when changing target type.
Fixed potential issue with Pace when using a HRM or foot pod.
Fixed potential issues with Music playback when using Airpods Pro 2.
Fixed potential shutdown when downloading a map in Map Manager.
Fixed potential shutdown when using Navigation during an activity.
Fixed slowness in segments list.
Fixed UI issue on timer when a lap is longer than 1 hour.
Improved map pan/zoom enter/exit experience.
Improved speed of Wi-Fi.
Improvements and fixes to settings interaction with Garmin Connect mobile app.
Improved download of MOS/Meteogram data for nearest airports
Updated Translations.
Various bug fixes and improvements.