Fenix 5s Heart rate halves half way through recorded walk

I have had my Fenix 5s for over a year with no problems till recently. 

Recently my heart rate drops of a cliff edge about half way through my walk going from upto 120 beats per minute to as low as 40 beats per minute so not meeting any zones it's a real pain today I walk 8 miles with an average rate of 60 which isn't right. Even more annoying is that it records heart rate fine for a few days then does this there dosnt seem to be a pattern to why.  Has anyone had this problem and does anyone have any ideas how to fix it. Also when i stop walking the heart rate shots back up to normal

  • As  wrote, you posted to the wrong forum, not for your device, but generally the heavier the watch, the more sensitive the grip. Heavy expensive watches like the Fenix are, due to the higher inertial mass, much more prone to fail when the fit of the wrist band is not well adjusted. Light watches like the Instinct (that's the device of the forum you chose fro yur post), have much less problems, just because they move less on your wrist, when you walk or run.

    The inertial mass of heavy watches, like Fenix, causes more parasitic signals due to the ambient light penetrating under the watch easier, and due to the waves in the blood stream created by the motion and the pressure on the skin, the tissue, and the veins.

    In other words, it means, the more expensive and the more heavy watch you own, the more you have to be carefull about the right tightness of the wrist band. You can also consider using it on the inner side of the wrist, on the other hand, on the ankle, or using a HRM chest belt instead.