Instinct not very instinctive!

I’ve had the instinct for a year now. 

It was never very accurate to start off with. We run in a group and my stats are off by at least 15-20% every run. While others have stats on 10km my Garmin instinct will show around 8-8.5 kms. 

Now all of a sudden it has started reporting really strange stats. Like this morning I ran in a small loop (we are in a lockdown and running in the parking is the best available) and my stats were ranging from a pace of 9 min to a km to 5.20 mins to a km. Also, this is a completely flat loop. My Instinct showed that I had done 178 floors in the half an hour I ran.

I’ve tried all the obvious fixes. Reset the watch, changed the GPS to all satellites settings, waiting 2 minutes under clear sky after catching GPS....

What am I missing? The step count seems to be working fine. 

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