Weather doesn't update


weather widget dosent update. garmin connect is on in the background (IOS), only when I open Garmin connect the weather updates. On my fenix 5 weather updated when I scrolled to the widget and a location icon appeared in the right corner on the phone. this dosent happens now

  • I really like the weather widget feature but it needs to have a better game.

    Buy a newer watch suporting the iQ system and 3rd party widgets. You can have most of what you are asking for immediately. It won't happen at the watches of the old generation like Instinct. Or wait till Instinct 2 comes out. It will certainly support iQ too.

  • Folks with the Fenix 6 watches have had this issue too within the last 3 months.  Which watch are you recommending, something newer than the F6?  My Instinct is only 6 months old.  I'm hoping to get more than a year out of this watch.   They are still selling this version of the instinct today, it should work.  Personally I have mine "fixed" but it takes a restart on the watch occasionally to get the weather to work again.  Not a big deal but a mod to Connect as described could address this for Instinct and the other watches too.

  • My comment was not about whether it should work or not, but about the long list of new features you were asking for in your post. No one is going to add it all to an old generation watch. Those features are available or can be added on the new iQ watches, though.

    The weather widget on my Instinct works flawlessly, so personally I doubt a bit it is a problem with the firmware of the watch. The problem might be on numerous other places, from the weather data provider, over the phone and its settings, your operator, network problems, or the data or BT connection, and who knows what more. More analytic tools on the watch would certainly help with localizing the issue, but do not expect them to be added to old models.

  • Same issue as everyone else.  Garmin App version on iPhone 11 pro max running 13.3.

  • Be sure Garmin Connect has "Always" for Allow Location Access. My iPhone 11 pro weather update has been working consistently with that setting. Good luck.

  • The phone is NOT cutting the BT connection!! The steps would not update and sleep data and other activities would not refresh from Instinct to connect app without the bluetooth!! This is a bug that effects many people. Mine was fixed for a while then it started back again. Are you people understanding that EVERYTHING else works except the weather app??

  • I have not tried that as I have to be near my PC and am not but here are a few things that will SOMETIMES get it to refresh. None of these work consistantly though so you have to try them all, and sometimes NONE of them work. Reboot Instict, close and restart Connect app, toggle on wifi (even though DATA is working fine), toggle iphone to airplane mode then back to full data, sometimes closing connect and restarting twice works.....ect. There is no one thing that continues to work. The new update worked for a week or so, now back to same ole crap..."waiting for data"

  • Mine has always been set to always, and I too have the 11 Pro. Mine is no longer working and most of the last 6 months I've had the watch it has worked less than half the time.

  • I spoke too soon. Took a 100 mile trip yesterday and mine quit working too. Garmin needs to fix the update problem. Apple Watch has no problem whatsoever with weather updates. Can't be that hard.

  • An issue has been found between the current version of the Connect Mobile APP and specifically iOS 13. Our engineers are currently working on resolving the issue. Please note, it will most likely be a new updated release of the Connect Mobile APP that will resolve the weather communication issue between the iPhone, the GCM APP, and the watch.