Battery problems

“Hello everyone. I’ve solved the problem with the battery. All the instructions that Garmin advises for calibrating the battery don’t work. I checked many times. When the watch started turning off very often, I decided to open it up and see what the problem was. The problem turned out to be in the battery itself, more precisely in its controller. The voltage at the terminals soldered to the board fluctuates very strongly. I think it’s a defect. At my own risk, I resoldered the wires on the controller to the contacts that were on the opposite side of the controller board. By measuring the voltage there, I made sure that it corresponds to the declared one for the watch’s operation, and there were no fluctuations like on the original soldering. After that, the watch came to life, all functions work perfectly. Charging is proceeding as it should. Before this, the watch would turn off even when the sound was turned on. The backlight was dim and flickering. It was impossible to use the watch. So, I came to the conclusion that the reason for the battery failure after two years of using the watch was a defect, not the software. All the manipulations and tests I performed were done at my own risk without any further claims against the manufacturer. Perhaps this text will be useful to someone.”