• My friends solved the problem and now the clock is much better, I use Mac and follow the commands via terminal,
    sudo diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk10
    sudo mkfs.fat -F 12 -n "GARMIN" /dev/disk10
  • Hi, you can delete the activites from the folder \Garmin\Activites (.fit files) or you can delete all of them follow this instructions support.garmin.com/.../

  • sudo diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk10

    Not a good idea, and I hope nobody will follow this advice! You erase all metrics, settings, and other important data in this way. As wrote, you can simply delete the Activities in order to free up some room on th storage. You can also delete the following folders and files:

    • //GARMIN/Activity/ - all files
    • //GARMIN/RemoteSW/ - all files
    • //GARMIN/Debug/ - all files
    • //GARMIN/Courses/ - remove unneeded courses
    • //GARMIN/Workouts/ - remove unneeded workouts
    • //GARMIN/Text/ - remove all unneeded languages
  • This didn't solve it for me, I even did this removal and it still didn't free up space, the disk was empty and I couldn't even create the Garmin folder, the only way was to format it in fat12, this solved my problem and also the instability that was showing on my watch, Today I had a two-hour surfing session, I made the save and the clock worked perfectly after formatting the disk, obviously you have to know what you are doing, I am a software engineer and I am familiar with doing the procedure.

  • Software engineer or not, by formatting the drive, you erase all settings, stats, history, and metrics anyway. Still not a good advice.

  • OK, you're right, but this only happened because the watch's software has a bug that doesn't remove inaccessible files, that's why I had to physically clean up the watch's storage, so it's Garmin's fault and not mine, I'm in Brazil and I can't send the watch for assistance,
  • I am not aware of any such bug. Personally, I can delete the files and make free room anytime I need, and in the years I follow the forum, I do not remember anyone else having such problems. It is fine, if you are happy with the solution, but I feel obliged warning and discouraging others from following your advice.