Language incorrect

My language is incorrect. Before eveything was in Dutch. It changed autamatically to all English, I selected Dutch but is doesn't work. It also says Dutch isn't installed and it's not possible to install. Only de activities are in Dutch.

Hooe you can solve this.

Software version is 14.10.

Restart the watch and synchronize with Connect does't solve this problem

  • Try to sync (via cable to the computer) with Garmin Explorer (not Connect). Hopefully, that should reinstall any missing language files (assuming that there is space on the watch), and from that point on you should be able to select Dutch again.

    I have no idea how the language file disappeared of its own volition, though (if that is indeed the case).

  • I am sorry. How incredibly frustrating! It doesn't make any sense how your watch lost your default language updating but it can be re-added. If Garmin Express does not offer you the ability to re-add your language, please send me a direct Private Message by highlighting my name. Thank you.

  • Hello.

    I have similiar problem.I set Slovak language on my watch, and my watch shows me in some cases Slovak language with combination in English language.

    For example SpO2 has this problem.