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Instinct Solar Surf Edition - Show Tide Data When Bluetooth Drops?

I have an Instinct Solar Surf Edition, which I bought specifically because it advertised the ability to show tides.

The problem is, shortly after the watch loses Bluetooth contact with the phone, the tide widget shows "no tide data". This isn't very useful when you're on the way to the beach and you've left your phone at home (so it doesn't get wet or stolen...), or if you're already out on the water and want to check conditions.

The irony is, if I'm in bluetooth range of my phone...I would use my phone to check the tides. The selling feature of the watch, or so I thought, was the ability to check the tides when you can't have your phone by your side. As it is, the tide feature isn't very useful in practice for my application.

Is there any way to get the watch to continue showing the day's tide data even when it goes out of range of the phone? It would also be nice if it were possible to load the tide tables a few days in advance. I only wear the watch when going to the water, so it's not near my phone most of the time, and I was hoping to be able to just "get up and go" and have the tide data on the watch.


  • Has anyone figured this out yet? My new surf edition has been working for a day but now displays 'No Tide Data' despite being connected to my phone and the widget working?

  • Aha! I just tried going into watch face and setting favourite beach up, I select my local spot and it re-appeared on the main screen! Will monitor it to see if it stays put.

  • Hi, I found by just selecting favourite beach - hold down menu button - watch face - settings - gps - scroll down - watch face - set favourite beach - gps. This works - I deleted all other gps locations for beach’s - found that the watch isn’t sure what beach it’s searching for - but once it has a favourite kept the tide data