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Instinct Esports Edition - Product Announcement

We are happy to announce the new Instinct Esports Edition!

"Elevate your game with Instinct - Esports Edition!"

Learn More and Buy Here

Support Center Links:

- Instinct Esports Support Center

- Owner's Manual

- STR3AMUP! Windows Software

 STR3AMUP Windows Software Interface Picture Example

Key new features:

  • This GPS smartwatch for Esports athletes has a dedicated Esports activity profile - allowing users to track and analyze their body's performance while gaming.

  • Analyze gaming performance through a dedicated Esports activity profile.

  • Use STR3AMUP! to broadcast your stress level and heart rate to game streams.

  • Game more. Charge less. Get up to 80 hours battery when in Esports Mode.

  • Get notifications straight from your phone to your wrist.

 Instinct Esports model appearance examples