Instinct 2 x solar tactical taking a long time to save activities

I find that my 2x is taking about 10 to 15 seconds to save activities, simple things like a 3 km walk will take this long so I don't think it is the nature of the activity as they all seem to take this long. Activities include pool swim, cardio, walk and bike. I notice that after about 5 second it will give a little buzz as if to say it is saved by the screen shows it still saving it for another five seconds or more.

  • In addition to the long wait in saving activities, I've had the crashes as well, although I'm not sure what they mean, as my activities still appear to save.  This all said, I finally gave up on this watch, well within the return period, and replaced it with a much more costly Fenix 7.  Night and day difference between the two watches-- no more delays or crashes with the Fenix, but at 50% higher price.  Maybe Garmin will look into the reason behind returns like mine and address the issues, if possible.

  • My scenario ... I am running a warmup run before my track workout with my buddies.  We finish the warmup and I, sometimes, forget to 'save' as soon as I'm done.  The others are on the starting line to start the workout and I realize I haven't 'saved' yet.  I say 'wait a sec, guys' and the gawdam watch takes a minute or more to save the 3mile warmup run and everyone's standing there waiting!  Inconvenient and unacceptable.  My old FR230 takes about a second to save a workout.  I may return it because of this.

  • I called and spoke to Tech Support at Garmin this morning regarding this Instinct 2x problem.  The rep had not heard of the issue, but the first place he looked for info was this forum, and he found this thread.  He promised to research and email me, which he did below:

    "I was able to talk to our help desk guys about the issue. Unfortunately the Instinct has the least amount of memory available in one of our devices and it generally coming from having a lot of activities and courses stored on the watch. We can try to alleviate the issue by deleting the activities (menu>history>options>delete activities)  that are stored on the watch to free up space as well as deleting any courses that are not being used that are present on the device. Before doing any deleting make sure you sync with Garmin Connect to save those activities/course to your profile."

    There was not a means to reply directly to him, so I couldn't respond and tell him that his suggested fix did not address my issue.  

  • Thank you, I am going to do that now makes total sense.