instinct2 solar Bank card function cannot be used in China

When we bought it, we were told that we support the bank card function. But when I got it. I don't have this function. I am very disappointed with Garmin.

  • Well, Garmin Pay actually does work.  They can't guarantee it works everywhere, on every terminal, in every country, and with every bank and every type of card.

    Additionally, you aren't supplying any sort of information regarding what market you bought the watch in, who told you what, originating bank account, if it worked elsewhere, if your account allows you to pay overseas, and why it's not working in China.

    The watch has Garmin Pay and you just have to set it up in the app and in your online banking portal.  It will only work if the bank and Garmin certified use with one another's services which is available to find out about before you buy.

  • Check on this link. China isn’t actually listed as having any participating banks!

  • As the other poster linked, no Chinese banks are part of the Garmin Pay system, so you were told wrong and should have looked at the list.  Garmin is NOT to blame for this.