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Instinct 2 Solar (Tactical) "Washed Out" Display: Anyone else having this problem w/their display?


The GI2 (on right) is much more "washed out" and closer to purple when compared to the original's vibrant blue (on left); both are backlit to 100%. Moreover, the viewing angle on the GI2 is simply terrible... clearly, the new "domed" PowerGlass does not add one of the primary advantages of having a domed crystal which is improving the visibility at acute angles (especially underwater) by mitigating light reflectiveness. I'm not impressed at all. As opposed to the original solar models, the new GI2s have a "full" solar panel behind the display, so this may be the cause of both the tint and viewing discrepancies; I've contacted Garmin support and am waiting for some explanation... hopefully it is just that I may have a defective watch (which can then be replaced by Garmin).  Also, much as I appreciate the improved display resolution of 176x176 (which does make the text look crisper), they've taken advantage of that to make the overall text smaller in order to fit more data displayed on the screen size; that's all well and good, but it does make it more of a strain for legibility... not all of us have a 25 y/o sight. As usual, Garmin did incorporate a font size setting; I've provided them with that feedback and feature suggestion, so hopefully they will add that in a future update.  Has anyone else noticed this issue? 

  • I have the same issue on the none solar version.

    I got the none solar version this time as being in UK unless it was clear summer day (rare) solar was pointless for the other 300 days of the year... Joy

  • Looking at the pictures posted here and on Reddit, I cannot understand how none of the usual YT-reviewers ('great watch, tiny niggles' etc) could have failed to mention this. It's glaringly obvious, and a huge step backwards.

    My respect for these people has evaporated.

  • the Tactix did not have the problem.  Check it out (both are at 100% brightness):

    Correct txd 100% : 

  • Hmmm, it'd be nice to know why the screen appears to be of a lower quality whilst the price of the watch has also increased a great deal, approaching Fenix 7 prices and going past Fenix 6 prices.

  • I honestly thought this post was sarcastic at first. You expect reviewers to cover-off niche requirements that aren't going to be relevant to the vast majority who don't need to be able to view their watch at a 70+ degree angle in poor light, something that isn't and never has been a formal feature of the watch (as opposed to a consequence of design), and compare it to a previous version of a watch that they quite likely don't even have any more? You lose all respect for those people based on that?

    And, if the speculation is correct, for Garmin to forego significantly improved solar performance (practically the USP here) because it reduces the clarity of display at angles it was never designed to be viewed at in the first place?

    Sure, I respect people may have specific niche needs, but this is just hyperbole. I'm surprised no one has suggested a class action yet.

  • It's not just the solar version it's the none solar aswell it's not something that really bothers me apart from when I first noticed it. Daylight contrast is better and it's certainly not something that's going to make me take it back worrying about a little slight issue like that.

  • In all honesty who needs to view their watch from an angle like that. I mean really is it laziness to rotate your wrist in bed at night or a dark room to see it? If we want a crystal clear blingy screen get the top of the line garmin watches. I have zero issues with mine being like this! It’s not labeled as their top of the line screens.

  • It does not matter what angle I look to the watch, what matters is that I have paid a lot more money for the upgrade but feels more downgrade in some areas 

  • I agree 100% it should be equal to or better than the v1. I just think it’s dumb complaining about looking at it from such an odd and useless angle. You don’t look at an analog watch like that and read it perfectly so it makes no sense in that aspect. I’m what scenario must you look at your watch in the weird angle everyone is posting pictures of? 

  • You are right about the extreme angle but it's not the best even halfway through. I have Venu 2 right now and the gesture to wake up the screen is a bit annoying. I wanted a watch where I can glance at my watch even without moving my hand that much.