Does solar really work? Or we got fooled

Since I’ve got the watch I’ve tried every possible suggestion and test regarding solar.

have kept the watch in sun for hrs, restarted as some forum suggested. But have not seen any battery % or any battery estimate changing.

it’s very disappointing to know that I trusted the brand and its marketing and fell in the solar trap.

Casio : a dead watch in solar charges.

Instinct : I don’t own it, but I’ve seen a video where it charged by solar and showed some % increase 

I’ve tried to disable all sensors n kept it only in watch mode and tried to give it hours of sun as well. But still no luck.

is there something I’m missing or solar is just a gimmick?

don’t see any update or mention in 10.43 as well.

thank you

  • Matter of perspective honestly. Everything has limitations - just adapt and use the strengths of the tool.

    What is a survival watch anyway? In my decades of backpacking, I never felt a watch was going to be the difference maker in my survival. My experience, skill-sets, water supply, along with a compass/paper map is what I would rely upon in a survival situation - the watch would just be an assistive bonus. Trusting in tech in the backcountry is where most people get in trouble.

    For all day activities I appreciate the slower battery drain from the assistive solar charging. After trying literally everything else out there, I have not found anything else the comes close to functionality of the this watch series.

    But - maybe Fenix 8 will deliver in a few years or consider the Garmin Instinct 2x (or any of the instinct solar models). I'm sure you can quickly find a buyer for your watch although you will take a hit with the new pricing.