Tactix7: Why are different activities using different heart rate zones?

I get a very different heart rate zone gauge and post-workout classification of my heart rate/training effect depending on the Activity.

For example, these screenshots are from an Indoor Row activity (during/after).

rower zone gaugerower_results

I then end that activity and switch to a Bike Indoor activity.
These screenshots are from a Bike Indoor activity (during/after).
Each zone has a different lower/upper heart rate range compared to rowing (and running)!

indoor bike activitycycling results

Note that the gauges shown are the normal Activity gauge and not a data screen gauge that Suggested Workout would create.

Both fw 8.37 and 9.36 have this behavior.

  • I may have figured it out.  The 9.36 menu layouts for Heart Rate profiles are different than 8.37!
    I now see separate Sport heart rates for Running and Cycling in User Profile -> Heart Rate & Power Zones.
    Before, there was only Cycling in Sport heart rate (I know because I looked there many times trying to solve this issue).
    I have just set them as I desire, so will give it a test tomorrow.

  • eh there have been separate zones for running cycling and swimming for as long as i've been with garmin. maybe 10 years at least...

  • How would you know what is desirable though? During a marathon, for example, i have zone 2 between 111-129 but when  training in zone 2 i have to set it manually. The default zone 2 on an intermediate training plan that i follow now is 135-150.