Fenix 7x solar - Open Water Swim - correct GPS Track but bad distance

Hello, new owner of a fenix 7x - i am a triathlete and do ows and pool swims regularlly. I swim in a lake for years now with a lot of other guys and we all have garmin watches (from 920xt - to fenix 5,6,7 - swim 2 etc). all other watches give the correct distance (the only difference is the gps track line - in older models is straighter than in newer models) - but my fenix7x displays correct contur on the gps map but the distance is always shorter with around 500m or more. If i export the .gpx track the distance changes corectly on strava, but the time is different. It's frustrateing since my old 735xt had no such problems and i upgraded exactly for more gps acuracy and tracking. In the picture one loop has aproximatley 900m.  I also noticed that the moveing time is different from the elapsed time even tho i didnt stop for a second and i didnt press the Lap button. Please let me know if these is a bug or i have to return the product.