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Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar Constantly connecting and disconnecting


I've only had the watch for 4 days, but already I'd like to throw it away...

Every day, sometimes once and sometimes several times a day, the watch gets into a state where it is constantly disconnecting and connecting to the phone. The watch just connects and then disconnects in 2-5 seconds and then reconnects and then disconnects again in a few seconds and this goes on and on forever.

Turning the watch off and on doesn't help, it keeps happening afterwards. Turning off and on the bluetooth on the phone doesn't help. The only thing that helps is restarting the phone or removing the watch from Garmin Connect and pairing it again but neither of the things help permanently, in a few hours the watch gets into a loop of connecting and disconnecting again and then I have to restart the phone again or remove the watch from garmin connect and pair it again.

It always happens in the morning and sometimes during the day.

I previously had Garmin Fenix 6 PRO Sapphire that worked without issues with the same phone! The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Thank you

EDIT: reported phones in this thread (by 3rd May 2022)

Samsung Galaxy S21 - 3 users

Samsung Galaxy S22 - 1 user

Samsung Galasy S22 Ultra - 1 user

Google Pixel 6 - 1 user

Google Pixel 6 Pro - 4 users

Google Pixel 3 XL - 1 user

iPhone 12 pro - 1 user

iPhone 13 Pro - 1 user

iPhone Xs - 1 user

OnePlus 7T - 1 user

Sony Xperia 1 II - 1 user

  • Actually, I think it may be a some hardware problem. I hava Galaxy S21 with Exynos processor and didn't have a problem with Fenix 6X Pro. Now, I have Fenix 7X Solar and don't have a problem with it. Actually, F7X is a little better than 6X Pro which was disconnecting more frequently in bathroom.

  • I am having similar issue as yours and also when on call using Bluetooth headset it constantly disconnects and reconnects. I am using a Pixel 6pro.

  • This is a problem alleged way back from tge Fenix 5. This is a Garmin problem. Stating it is a compatibility issue with some phones is deflection. Fix it Garmin...fix it.

  • Same here with fenix 7 Solar and Pixel 6, any update from Garmin?

  • No, I do not have any informations from them.

  • Same problem here with Pixel 6 Pro. 

    When I finish a run it usually takes multiple attempts to sync a run because the watch repeatedly disconnects during a sync.

    Another problem is that configuring the watch settings from the phone (including data screens) is super laggy and unreliable. That is a major new feature of the Fenix 7 that can't really use.

    The same phone had a reliable connection and sync with Fenix 6X, so the problem must be specific to the 7X rather than the phone.

  • I might return this one, for me it happens every day...(fenix 7 solar - Pixel 6)

  • Confirmed it constantly connects and disconnects with S22. I had to disable the alerts. 

  • This forum thread contains two different issues that are mixed into the same thread.

    1) The Alert functionality but you do not need to make corrections:

    If you have your watch Notifications & Alerts > System Alerts > Phone Connect Alerts to On, you will be notified each time your watch disconnects from your phone. However, your watch is still always working correctly for incoming smart notifications, daily wellness metric syncs, and syncing a saved activity etc.

    - This issue was addressed in the v8.18 software update release.

    2) Daily or Too Frequent Disconnection Issues that you must intervene to Bluetooth pair your watch back to the Connect Mobile APP each time:

    - Please reach out to your Outdoor Product Support in your region to exchange your watch.

  • So...we'll fix the alert...

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