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Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar Constantly connecting and disconnecting


I've only had the watch for 4 days, but already I'd like to throw it away...

Every day, sometimes once and sometimes several times a day, the watch gets into a state where it is constantly disconnecting and connecting to the phone. The watch just connects and then disconnects in 2-5 seconds and then reconnects and then disconnects again in a few seconds and this goes on and on forever.

Turning the watch off and on doesn't help, it keeps happening afterwards. Turning off and on the bluetooth on the phone doesn't help. The only thing that helps is restarting the phone or removing the watch from Garmin Connect and pairing it again but neither of the things help permanently, in a few hours the watch gets into a loop of connecting and disconnecting again and then I have to restart the phone again or remove the watch from garmin connect and pair it again.

It always happens in the morning and sometimes during the day.

I previously had Garmin Fenix 6 PRO Sapphire that worked without issues with the same phone! The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Thank you

EDIT: reported phones in this thread (by 3rd May 2022)

Samsung Galaxy S21 - 3 users

Samsung Galaxy S22 - 1 user

Samsung Galasy S22 Ultra - 1 user

Google Pixel 6 - 1 user

Google Pixel 6 Pro - 4 users

Google Pixel 3 XL - 1 user

iPhone 12 pro - 1 user

iPhone 13 Pro - 1 user

iPhone Xs - 1 user

OnePlus 7T - 1 user

Sony Xperia 1 II - 1 user

  • I've seen a related post on here and am also experiencing the same for Fenix 7 SS from time to time. I decided not to lose sleep over it so switched off connection notifications (also because I don't walk around my house with phone so real disconnect notifications were just as annoying as false ones)
    Never had any problems when I need watch to be connected to phone for Live Track or syncing activities so figured Garmin will get on top of it with a firmware update.

  • So I got a reply from local Garmin support:

    Unfortunately, for some Samsung phone models, we have observed that similar problems can occur. Typically these are mainly models A31, A32, A41. Our development team is investigating this issue and looking for a solution. Unfortunately, for now, it seems that the cause is a specific combination of modified Android and Samsung hardware, where the result is a repeated request for the phone to enter the pairing code. So we can't say right now how the problem will be resolved or how long it might take.

  • Same here. My mobile is an old Samsung

  • They also advised to send a log from the Garmin Connect app.

    - open the Garmin Connect app
    - click on the main menu
    - then select "Help"
    - then "Diagnostic Report"
    - enter a unique code given in the code window
    - click on "Send"

    The above is translated from Czech language, so in english the words might be slightly different.

  • OP doesn't have an older Samsung or any of those models listed by support but rather a very new model (2021).  I'm hoping this won't be a problem with the new S22 Ultra. I've had connectivity issues with an old Fenix and it's beyond annoying. 

  • I don't have the listed phone but they mentioned "typically" it does not exclude my model. The models listed are cheaper phones that are more common. Also A41 and A32 and my S21 Ultra are last years models that were released together so it makes sence that these would be affected.

  • I've had the same issues with the Fenix 7X Sapphire. My phone is the Pixel 6 Pro. I didn't have issues with my old garmin watch when using this phone.

    I'm still on the fence about returning the watch. So far firmware updates haven't helped.

    The easiest way I've found to temporarily fix the connection issue is:

    1. Leave it connected in garmin connect app.

    2. Forget the garmin device under bluetooth settings.

    3. Pair the garmin device with phone through bluetooth settings.

    4. At this point usually garmin connect will recognize the watch again and I can sync.

  • I don't think the analysis is correct. I observed similar behavior in the past using a Fenix 6X Pro Sapphire and my Galaxy Note

  • I have pixel3xl and fenix7x sapphire and it doing the same as you describe ....The phone have android 12 and Fenix 7x sapphire have 7.24 firmware 

  • New model watch and new phone which wasn't published during development of the watch. Fair chance you'll run into connectivity issues....

    I use a 3 yr old Huawei, works okay. But I have had similar issues when I got this phone on pre-order. Just released and Garmin Connect caused connectivity to do crazy things. Managed to install an older version of the app which cured the connectivity. After an update all was okay, took few months though.