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Fenix 7x music quality really awful

I have being testing my new Fenix 7x for a week, and I have found that the sound quality (for both Spotify synced music and local MP3 files) is terrible. Sound is distorted, with a lot of noise and hissing (sounds like a low quality MP3) , and it is a total deal breaker for me.

I have a Fenix 6x, and I have compared both (with two different pairs of bluetooth headphones: Sony and Sennheiser, and with the same music over Spotify and MP3 files) and the quality in the Fenix 6x is much better. It is not an audiophile device, but no distortion or noise, and you get clear sound.

Have anyone experience the same problem? Hope they can fix it with a firmware update, because it is really annoying, I cannot rely in my Garmin to listen to music (for a 1000€ watch...).

  • Can you record that low quality to prove? How do you know is worse than f6x? 

  • He hears it  and so can I. :-)

    As fas as i know, it is impossible to connect fenix with the recording device.

  • I am not able to record it properly as I would need a good microphoneto take the sound from the headphones.

    WhatI can say is that I just have my old 6x and my new 7x playing the same tracks with the same headphones and I can hear the difference very clearly whenchanging between the two warches. With the 6x i can put the volume at nearly maximum level and there is no problem with the high frequencies.  With the 7x I can only hear music at very low kevel befor it starts getting annoying. 

  • Today I have been testing with mp3 files from 96kbs to 320kbs and aac files from 64kbs to 256kbs. Same result, horrible quality. Same result with Amazon music. I have also noticed that the balance is not correct, it sounds louder through the right earphone, has anyone else noticed this too?
    Please Garmin could you at least let us calibrate the balance?

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    It would be nice if someone from Garmin would chime in on this. If this is something that can actually be corrected or not and if they plan on doing so. 

  • yeah i noticed the same :(

  • Updated March 15th, 2022:

    The audio issue was fixed in software version 7.35.

  • I can confirm this issue on my Fenix 7 Pro Sapphire Solar. I removed and paired my AirPods once again, but the problem still persists. I tested my headphones on my wife's Forerunner 745 and no problem there.

  • Epix 2 same problem

  • Fenix 7 base model model - same issue. However, I have connection issues (i.e., sometimes choppy) with my Fenix 6 sapphire that I do not have with my new Fenix 7 (went running once with it). Did Garmin sacrifice quality for connection stability (for iso total bandwidth)?