Constant bluetooth disconnection on Android 14 Beta

My Pixel 7 Pro updated to the latest Android 14 Beta a couple of days ago. Ever since, my Fenix 6 Pro can't hold a connection to it.

It connects ok, syncs, but then 10 mins later I get a notification on my phone that the watch wants to connect again, enter passcode, reconnect. Cycle continues like this...

Anyone else with this issue?

  • I have the same problem, Google Pixel Pro running Android 14 and my Garmin Fenix 6 keeps disconnecting from it. 

  • I have the same thing, but with Samsung Galaxy S21 with October 2023 update (Android 13). For the past couple weeks, any time my watch loses bluetooth connection with my phone, I have to go through the entire pairing/setup process again in Garmin Connect. Clearing the app cache doesn't help, nor does forgetting/re-pairing the watch. The Connect app did update on 10/16, so I suspect that's the root of the problem. 

  • Having a nearly identical issue with my Fenix 6 sapphire watch and a pixel 8 phone running android version 14 and connect app version 4.73.4. Tried all the troubleshooting discussed on this thread, with no luck.  Garmin customer service suggested that it's a phone hardware problem and I should contact Google first before possibly replacing the watch. 

  • The issue seems to have fixed itself on my end (Pixel 8 Pro / Garmin D2 Charlie). Unknown if it was an Android or Garmin update (or something else?). 

    Make sure all your apps are updated and hopefully it gets fixed for you too.

  • Has anyone resolved this, I now have the same time issue with a Pixel 7 Pro on Android 14 with a Fenix 6 Pro.  I have rest the phone, Bluetooth, deleted and reinstalled, forget device and even reset the Fenix.  Nothing works.

    Im about to give up on the Fenix.

  • Same here.

    Android 14 pixel 7 and Forerunner 945.

    It was happening last year and it worked for a while.

    It's now back on disconnecting.

    I have done a full new pairing and it still disconnects

    I am trying Gamin Beta App now.

  • Hmmm, I saw this thread now and I wonder if this could have happened to me yesterday. I upgraded my OnePlus 8t to android 14 just a day before this happened: I sometimes don't see the fenix6 being connected in Connect IQ app, even though it is connected and syncing in Garmin Connect app.