No sleep tracking or body battery data since yesterday..

Hi all,

Have no sleep tracking or body battery data currently. Not showing up on connect either. I have restarted watch a couple of times but no luck. I wear it constantly including while asleep and haven't done anything differently.

Confused, can anyone help?

Many thanks

  • Just a guess, do you maybe have a power saving option enabled that disables the heart rate sensor at night? Not bought a new strap for the watch and wearing it differently?

  • Hey, thanks for the reply.

    I don't use the power saver mode. I do use flight mode at night and when not doing activities but again this isn't a new thing. Have had same strap since I got the watch. I've read a lot of people suggesting hard reset but trying to avoid that. It does seem common from reading online that the sleep and body battery sensor stop working together... Any other thoughts welcome.

  • I am sorry there is an issue. If you haven't already, soft reset your watch by holding down your top left button until your watch shuts off then let go of the button. It won't reset your settings. I checked our backend side and I can see your watch showing properly assigned to your Garmin Connect account and it is your Primary Preferred device. Nothing strange there. It is looking good.

    If your issue continues, also fully remove your watch out of your Connect Mobile APP and remove it your phone's Settings > Bluetooth menu then Bluetooth pair it again through your Connect Mobile APP.

  • Morning,

    Followed your advice and removed / reconnected the Bluetooth connection and everything now appears to be working!

    I'm new to garmin and must say I'm very impressed with the response time and the community here in the forum.

    Thank you.

    Any idea what happened there with the Bluetooth and is it something you come across often / is it specific to my model?

    Many thanks again from a happy garmin user

  • Any idea what happened there with the Bluetooth and is it something you come across often / is it specific to my model?

    I am happy to hear the good news. It an unusual event to take place. Any odd behavior will correct itself 99.99% of the time using the soft reset step. It should be rare that you ever use it though. IE: I have needed to use the option ~3-4 times wearing our Fenix series watches starting with our Fenix 3 HR and forward.

  • Unfortunately I'm back again

    Even thought the issues above have cleared up I now have a new couple of new problems.

    The watch has stopped measuring body temperature, and also the auto pause function while on an activity pauses, but then doesn't un-pause again. It's also stopped showing pace on my activities.

    Any advice?

  • Hmm. Losing pace points to GPS acquisition issues. Body temperature, if you temperature sensor, not good. I am sorry. Your option is limited to a full reset to defaults as a last resort step. It is a minor headache since you will need to Bluetooth pair again back through your Garmin Connect Mobile APP and setup your watch again but hopefully you will be good to go again.

    Please try the following:

    If you continue to have any further issues, please reach out to Outdoor Product Support in your region to discuss exchange options.

  • Yep, sorry I meant the body temperature sensor.

    OK looks like my only option.

    I was thinking back to when these troubles started and the only thing I did was to load a GPX file downloaded from alltrails onto the watch. The watch struggled at first to load it and run navigation. That's the only thing i did differently before these issues began.

    I'm fairly new to garmin, can you get corrupted gpx files / viruses stuff like that? Thanks again

  • can you get corrupted gpx files / viruses stuff like that? Thanks again

    No. It may have been a coincidence in timing having your issue and adding the file. It is impossible to say what went sideways at what specific time for the strange behavior your watch has developed. A bad or corrupt file can certainly happen but I would put it in the extremely rare category. The full reset to defaults can clear up a corrupt file since the core system files are all being re-written again to put your watch back to defaults.