Steps Count Not in km!

Why is the steps count not in units of km on the Fenix 6 series? My FR955 displays it in km!

  • Because there's no information on how long your steps are.

    If your FR shows something in km, it shows you daily distance, not your steps .... km is the wrong unit to measure steps.
    Just let your Fenix show your distance, not your steps ;)

  • Huh!

    1) Even 3rd party apps on Connect IQ know how to display the info of my steps alongside their length. So your first remark is wrong and even contradicts your other statement below it!

    2) Daily distance is extracted from steps not gps.

    3) "My" Fenix and my FR use Garmin Connect mobile app's faces to display that same parameter. The problem which I'm reporting here is: They do not display that info the same way! 

  • Steps dont have the unit "km", they are counted in ...steps.
    If you want to see your distance, then just change your shown datafield to distance.
    Or add a datafield showing distance in km.

    What watchface are you using (link)?
    We might figure out if you can change your datafield.

    Distance is (extracted from steps) measured in
    My Watchface on my Fenix shows my daily distance.

    You can't show steps in km.
    You would only get the same magnitude if each of your steps would have a length of 1km.