HRV issue / Sleep tracking

This week, for two nights, there's no HRV reading. Same for last week. Also couple of times the watch's sleep tracker shows I'm sleeping although I have been awake for awhile already. Could be partially true also :D But seriously, it hasn't done this before. I think these two issues have some connection. 

  • I have some other weird issues with the HRV and sleep score. Getting what I think are abnormally low readings. 

  • For me the HRV readings seems to be somewhat vague time by time. Even though I feel good and recovered it might show low readings. Then, sometimes, it shows high readings even after hard workout and poor sleep. 

    Maybe HRV doesn't reflect your subjective feelings.. 

  • I am having the same issue...My HRV is uncharacteristically low now...and for no reason.

  • I'm seeing the same kind of issues with HRV/Sleep as LaV1ra.   In addition to what he described, I've had the sleep detection stop early for no apparent reason.  The Sleep Timeline had a stopwatch symbol at 2:30 am while I slept until my usual 6:30 am.

  • Sleep tracking has been awful on my 6X for a while. It doesn’t detect when I’m up and about in the night (health issues) although restlessness does match up with me pacing due to pain. On the other hand, it can report that I’ve been asleep for hours during the day when I’ve been working on a busy hospital ward, on my rowing machine or doing a brisk walk. The watch correctly logs an activity and/or steps but still reports that I’m asleep.

    Another issue is when HR data is visible on the watch but doesn’t transfer to Connect on my phone. Logging out and/or restarting watch and phone, logging in re-established the connection but doesn’t bring the data across.

    It’s a shame as the 6X is close to being excellent but even after a few years and many updates it’s still glitchy.