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System Software: 19.20

Hello Fenix 6 users,

We have fully released software version 19.20

Change Log

• New Adventure Race activity: This new activity prevents use of GPS data fields for navigation, allowing the watch to be used in adventure racing and orienteering races where GPS devices are not allowed.
• Added new workout animations which can be updated with Express or a Wifi sync.
• Added the ability to rate the perceived effort and feel of a Run, Bike, or Swim activity. The prompts appear during activity save. Go to [Activity] Settings > Self Evaluation for options.
• Added sleep tracking widget with sleep score and insights by Firstbeat AnalyticsTM.
• Added metabolic calories into the total calories reported in the calories data field and recorded in the activity file.
• Added setting to enable/disable workout audio prompts.
• Automatically disable Battery Saver when battery sufficiently charged.
• Updated workout audio prompts for hundredths distance precision.
• Updated Intensity Minutes determinations to align with guidance from CDC.
• Improved feedback on stress level readings.
• Improved calorie calculations for activities using a power meter.
• Improved results for daily Body Battery calculations.
• Improved visibility of Climb Pro alert page.
• Improved power meter calibration and settings.
• Improved layout of target card page. (Only applies to tactix Delta – Solar Edition with Ballistics)
• Improved Body Battery estimation when the device is powered off for a long period of time.
• Fixed issue where compass would become unresponsive during SUP activities.
• Fixed issue with incorrect energy values on range card. (Only applies to tactix Delta – Solar Edition with Ballistics)
• Fixed issue with manual time setup during initial setup.
• Fixed display issues when editing data field layouts.
• Fixed issue where recovery sets would not be properly displayed during workouts.
• Fixed issue where a Suggested Workout could draw with a nearly blank diagram.
• Fixed issue with editing data screens for Ultra Run app.
• Fixed text truncation issues when calibrating altimeter or barometer for some languages.
• Fixed issue with configuring map state. (Only applies to tactix Delta)
• Fixed issue with default FTP value for XC Ski.
• Fixed issue with distance to green layout while using 'Big Numbers' mode in golf activity profile.
• Fixed potential device shutdown while using ClimbPro.
• Fixed an issue where some training metrics were not updated after downloading stored heart rate from a capable chest strap.
• Fixed issue where the LAP key may not advance workout step.
• Fixed issue where Treadmill distance/pace would not record if watch was also connected to another nearby training device.
• Connect IQ improvements and bug fixes.
• Other minor improvements and bug fixes.