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Software version 16.70

Hello Fenix 6 users, 

We have begun to rollout software version 16.70, currently we are at 75% for this release, I will update this post as the rollout increases.

Changes made from version 15.20 to 16.70:

  • Added step counting to backcountry ski ascents.
  • Improved functionality of navigation features with Garmin Explore.
  • Improved altimeter auto calibration during activities for MARQ and fenix 6 Pro devices.
  • Improved power meter calibration and settings.
  • Improved device name shown when mounted to a Windows computer to be more descriptive. (Only applies to Enduro and fenix 6)
  • Fixed issue where podcasts may not display correctly on device.
  • Fixed incorrect translation within “Suggested Workouts” when language set to Czech.
  • Fixed potential crash when sending a Quick Text from inReach Remote
  • Fixed issue with wrong activity types shown when syncing with Garmin Explore.
  • Fixed distance and time values for tracks/routes synced from Garmin Explore.
  • Fixed issue with watch face labels missing when using certain languages.
  • Fixed potential crash when starting a golf round on a nine-hole course.
  • Fixed battery drain issue after disconnecting from a paired inReach device.
  • Fixed backlight behavior during sleep periods.
  • Fixed issue with backlight not respecting device settings when entering power controls page.
  • Fixed issue with gestures turning on backlight while Do Not Disturb enabled.
  • Fixed potential crash during power up.
  • Fixed issue causing intermittent excessive battery drain.